No it’s neither my cat’s name nor my friend’s name. It is the name of a great movie, you might have seen it!

I came to know about it some time ago and the title really did not excite me, i did a mistake of judging a book by its cover, and so i did not try to watch it. One night after exams i was feeling bored and my room mate gave me “Lucy” for ¬†watching and because i had nothing else to do i started watching it!

All i can say is that i should have watched it earlier, it is a great movie an extremely deep one. It forced me to think about brain utilization and how can i achieve higher brain utilization myself. I don’t know if the predicted outcomes are true or not but the combination is really great one and the story line is compelling.

If you haven’t seen it, i would suggest please do it is a must!


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