Kotonoha No Niwa & Kimi No Na Wa

When 2017 started, I wasn’t a fan of animated movies or cartoons (Anime) but my room mate! He is an Anime God! 4TB of Anime collection and he constantly keeps on expanding it. So some time back I was getting bored and I asked him if he could give me some Anime series? He gave me Attack on Titans! (Shingeki No Kyojin! Sorry if I spelled it wrong ). I loved the story and found out that if story is good then it doesn’t matter if it is animated or not. Now I eagerly wait for him to hand me over the second season episodes of Shingeki No Kyojin as they are released. Since then I developed affection for Anime.

Shingeki No Kyojin

One day I was feeling like watching a soft Romantic movie but had none in my list of movies so I asked My room mate to hand me over such a movie and  he gave me two movies 1) Kotonoha No Niwa and 2) Kimi No Niwa

Kotonoha No Niwa

He praised them both so much that the fact that these were animated and in Japanese could not stop me. I started watching the ~45 min long Kotonoha No Niwa and the animation was just too good, It was as if some high resolution camera had been used. I loved the story so much, I felt emotions I had abandoned long time ago. I am in love with this movie. I WOULD RECOMMEND YOU TO WATCH KOTONOHA NO NIWA AS SOON AS YOU CAN. It is a masterpiece, with a story that can make you cry and graphics that immerse you into it. To tell you how much I loved it, This movie is now in my list of Best Of Best movies that I have watched and there are only three out of more than 2000+ that I have watched. The other two are 1) Batman -The Dark Knight 2)Kimi No Na Wa .

A few days ago I asked my room mate to hand me Kimi No Na Wa, the movie everyone is talking about on nearly all anime sites. He had A version that was upscaled from 480p 30fps to 720p 60fps and that was the reason why he did not watch it. When asked why he said anything less than 1080p 60fps would be like doing injustice with the Title. I on the other hand started watching it.

Kimi No Na Wa

Well I am the kind of person who considers “getting emotional” as a weakness (just for me) I consider it like handing control of your emotions to other people or objects in this case a movie and let me tell you that nearly everyone I have been with has told me I am emotionless, even my parents once said to me “You are so dry with your behavior that sometimes it feels like we have a emotionless robot as our son”. I know it’s not something to be proud of but I do feel good staying that way. This movie changed it all, in the last 10 minutes of this movie I was so close to crying that tears had started consolidating their position in my eyes, not much but still noticeable. I did not cry but I could have and that is the closest I have ever been to getting emotional watching a Movie or even someone’s real life story. Kimi No Na Wa deserved an Oscar. Its story is nothing like you may have seen earlier but it connects with you so deeply that you feel all the emotions that this movie wants to convey. After the movie ended it took me around 2 Minutes to collect myself, i went to my room mate and without saying a word bowed down. He knew what had happened and he just smiled. Within 10 Minutes I downloaded all the soundtracks of it and till this day I listen to them every day at least thrice even though I don’t understand Japanese lyrics but it feels awesome, just the way it is meant to be. I WOULD RECOMMEND WATCHING KIMI NO NA WA AFTER KOTONOHA NO NIWA BUT HURRY UP.


One thought on “Kotonoha No Niwa & Kimi No Na Wa

  1. I agree with you about Kotonoha no Niwa. This film impressed me a lot. Those stunning scenes that are visual and beautiful, made me want to watch it again. And its story is so interesting, along with the character design that is great.
    One of anime that made me write a review to show gratitude (& I didn’t write reviews much).

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