Nokia Z Launcher Review

Not a lot of people know that Nokia’s Business does not only contain Mobile Brand licensing but it is one of the leading companies in Network Equipment Manufacturing and related Research.


Back when Nokia came up with the X series of phones (Nokia’s first attempt with android) the company was in a troubled situation and were making desperate attempts to prevent the free falling sales and profits from falling more.

Nokia’s app team released an Android Launcher caller Z Launcher some time back. Just like its name, the launcher is small in size and when something comes from Nokia It is bound to be different!


This launcher is not as feature rich as Nova Launcher or as much productivity centered as Microsoft’s Arrow Launcher but it is super simple and interesting to use. 4 app icons in dock and a vertical list of 6 most recently used and most used apps sorted based on their own algorithm. All this might not have excited you but wait on swiping left you get to a list of all apps (remnants of windows phone design) and on swiping right a widget area.

On the home page on the top there is a Digital Clock and on swiping left on it you get to see upcoming calender events without changing page. But the most special Thing is the use of Gesture writing  for searching apps not on the page eg draw a “w” on the main home screen page to search for all the apps and contact names starting with w, search results show apps first and then contacts and after them web searches. It learns about your writing or scribbling style and gets better as you use it. This I think is a faster and more engaging way of searching something on phone.


In terms of speed I would say it is far more snappier than a lot of Launchers out there and is even faster than Microsoft’s Arrow launcher and maybe comparable to Nova Launcher. It is simple to use and fun but I can not really call it a clean Launcher because all of your Pages will have apps in them and you can not really tweak much with it, you can choose icon packs and wallpapers but not a lot of customization options available.

I only have one issue  with this launcher, rather than showing most used apps on main home page it shows a mix of most used and recently used apps and this sometimes causes some of my most used apps to disappear from the list and then I have to search for them. Apart from this I absolutely love this launcher and have been using it as my default launcher for past 8 months.I would say



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