Nokia Z Launcher Review

Not a lot of people know that Nokia’s Business does not only contain Mobile Brand licensing but it is one of the leading companies in Network Equipment Manufacturing and related Research.


Back when Nokia came up with the X series of phones (Nokia’s first attempt with android) the company was in a troubled situation and were making desperate attempts to prevent the free falling sales and profits from falling more.

Nokia’s app team released an Android Launcher caller Z Launcher some time back. Just like its name, the launcher is small in size and when something comes from Nokia It is bound to be different!


This launcher is not as feature rich as Nova Launcher or as much productivity centered as Microsoft’s Arrow Launcher but it is super simple and interesting to use. 4 app icons in dock and a vertical list of 6 most recently used and most used apps sorted based on their own algorithm. All this might not have excited you but wait on swiping left you get to a list of all apps (remnants of windows phone design) and on swiping right a widget area.

On the home page on the top there is a Digital Clock and on swiping left on it you get to see upcoming calender events without changing page. But the most special Thing is the use of Gesture writing  for searching apps not on the page eg draw a “w” on the main home screen page to search for all the apps and contact names starting with w, search results show apps first and then contacts and after them web searches. It learns about your writing or scribbling style and gets better as you use it. This I think is a faster and more engaging way of searching something on phone.


In terms of speed I would say it is far more snappier than a lot of Launchers out there and is even faster than Microsoft’s Arrow launcher and maybe comparable to Nova Launcher. It is simple to use and fun but I can not really call it a clean Launcher because all of your Pages will have apps in them and you can not really tweak much with it, you can choose icon packs and wallpapers but not a lot of customization options available.

I only have one issue  with this launcher, rather than showing most used apps on main home page it shows a mix of most used and recently used apps and this sometimes causes some of my most used apps to disappear from the list and then I have to search for them. Apart from this I absolutely love this launcher and have been using it as my default launcher for past 8 months.I would say



Kotonoha No Niwa & Kimi No Na Wa

When 2017 started, I wasn’t a fan of animated movies or cartoons (Anime) but my room mate! He is an Anime God! 4TB of Anime collection and he constantly keeps on expanding it. So some time back I was getting bored and I asked him if he could give me some Anime series? He gave me Attack on Titans! (Shingeki No Kyojin! Sorry if I spelled it wrong ). I loved the story and found out that if story is good then it doesn’t matter if it is animated or not. Now I eagerly wait for him to hand me over the second season episodes of Shingeki No Kyojin as they are released. Since then I developed affection for Anime.

Shingeki No Kyojin

One day I was feeling like watching a soft Romantic movie but had none in my list of movies so I asked My room mate to hand me over such a movie and  he gave me two movies 1) Kotonoha No Niwa and 2) Kimi No Niwa
Kotonoha No Niwa

He praised them both so much that the fact that these were animated and in Japanese could not stop me. I started watching the ~45 min long Kotonoha No Niwa and the animation was just too good, It was as if some high resolution camera had been used. I loved the story so much, I felt emotions I had abandoned long time ago. I am in love with this movie. I WOULD RECOMMEND YOU TO WATCH KOTONOHA NO NIWA AS SOON AS YOU CAN. It is a masterpiece, with a story that can make you cry and graphics that immerse you into it. To tell you how much I loved it, This movie is now in my list of Best Of Best movies that I have watched and there are only three out of more than 2000+ that I have watched. The other two are 1) Batman -The Dark Knight 2)Kimi No Na Wa .

A few days ago I asked my room mate to hand me Kimi No Na Wa, the movie everyone is talking about on nearly all anime sites. He had A version that was upscaled from 480p 30fps to 720p 60fps and that was the reason why he did not watch it. When asked why he said anything less than 1080p 60fps would be like doing injustice with the Title. I on the other hand started watching it.

Kimi No Na Wa

Well I am the kind of person who considers “getting emotional” as a weakness (just for me) I consider it like handing control of your emotions to other people or objects in this case a movie and let me tell you that nearly everyone I have been with has told me I am emotionless, even my parents once said to me “You are so dry with your behavior that sometimes it feels like we have a emotionless robot as our son”. I know it’s not something to be proud of but I do feel good staying that way. This movie changed it all, in the last 10 minutes of this movie I was so close to crying that tears had started consolidating their position in my eyes, not much but still noticeable. I did not cry but I could have and that is the closest I have ever been to getting emotional watching a Movie or even someone’s real life story. Kimi No Na Wa deserved an Oscar. Its story is nothing like you may have seen earlier but it connects with you so deeply that you feel all the emotions that this movie wants to convey. After the movie ended it took me around 2 Minutes to collect myself, i went to my room mate and without saying a word bowed down. He knew what had happened and he just smiled. Within 10 Minutes I downloaded all the soundtracks of it and till this day I listen to them every day at least thrice even though I don’t understand Japanese lyrics but it feels awesome, just the way it is meant to be. I WOULD RECOMMEND WATCHING KIMI NO NA WA AFTER KOTONOHA NO NIWA BUT HURRY UP.

Xiaomi Redmi 3S Prime Review

Hello there…

I was thinking what i should write about and then one of my friend came to my room and asked “Hey, you purchased 3S Prime didn’t you? How is it holding up?” and that gave a topic to write on.

Before starting the review i would like to tell you the type of user i am. I fall into the sometimes medium sometimes heavy user category (i made it up but only because i needed to). Which means i have -:

  1. played graphic intensive games on my phone.
  2. used heavy apps with high background activity.
  3. used it for hashing files, phrases and also used it for encryption and decryption.
  4. definitely used social media apps on it eg fb, messenger , Insta, Snapchat (once, but i hate it), whatsapp, wechat (hated), telegram (kinda okay), KiK( 😉 ), Outlook, Onedrive , Gmail, Protonmail , Twitter, steam etc
  5. used it for photography.
  6. Used it for light C, C++, Python programming and compiling.
  7. Used it heavily as a hotspot.
  8. Used smart assistants on it like, Google Now, Cortana, Google Assistant.
  9. ROOTED IT! 
  13. Formated it, wiped it, bricked it once but repaired it.

I guess i have tinkered with it enough to provide you all with an honest and accurate review. So here we go….

  • Body, Design and Feel!    

I am not a big fan of slim phones but this one is just slim enough to make it feel good and strong in hand. The back is of anodized aluminum which is good for structural integrity but makes it very slippery and since I purchased it till the day I purchased an armor cover for it I always used to be extremely cautious while using it.


Great Design, Screen need a tempered glass, Slippery

body, Speakers on back might not seem as loud as they actually are.

The screen is disappointing as there is no Gorilla glass protection and i would recommend you to get one as soon as you get the phone. Finger print scanner placement is something i like the most in its Design. Speakers are at the bottom of rear side which is not good for those who love it loud. Front has the usual placement with included Capacitive Hardware keys which you can customize in MIUI Settings. The notification LED is below the capacitive Home button and is only visible when it lights up. The Volume Power buttons are on the right but we need to stop here, maybe it is that the unit I received has this irregularity but my phone’s power buttons tactile feedback is pathetic, it was fine when the phone had arrived but now the button appears to have become a bit depressed (not a very good choice of words), this makes pressing it hard specially with that Armor case. Apart from the problems I described here I don’t think the design has any other flaws.

  • Screen, Display, sound and Sensors 

Redmi 3S Prime has a 5 inch 720 x 1280 HD screen with a Pixel density of around 294 ppi. It is a great screen, it is sharp enough for everyone (i just can’t understand this hunger for more ppi when your eyes can’t  distinguish is around 300ppi varying on eye to eye), colors are great and natural. Screen is bright enough for reading articles with medium fonts in sunlight but for interactions involving smaller letters or symbols etc may be difficult so I would have loved it even more it. As I suggested you earlier do get a Tempered glass screen protector.

“HD screen with 294ppi, Great Colors and brightness, Rear 

speaker quality not very good, All important sensor’s present, IR Blaster 

is a great addition.” 


The rear speaker is loud but I would have loved if it were louder. But in terms of quality of sound it lags behind other Moto G Play etc phones in same price category. The front call speaker is good enough and at full volume can also work as a speaker phone ( 🙂 ).

Redmi 3S Prime has Fingerprint Sensor, Magnetometer, Proximity Sensor, Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Light Sensor and an IR Blaster (My personal favorite). For a phone costing Rupees 8999 its a pretty impressive set of sensors. Thanks to the presence of all major sensors, you can use your phone for more accurate gaming, precise navigation, Controlling devices controlled by an IR remote and of course you can look for apps like cpu-z and aida64 to get raw data from these sensors (no root access needed). The presence of fingerprint sensor is responsive not the fastest one but fast enough, It has made unlocking the phone an extremely easy process and i love it for that.

  • Network, Connectivity, GPS and Connection ports

Redmi 3S Prime is a 4G phone with LTE BAND 3, 5 and 40 support ie all the bands JIO offers their services on. It is a dual sim phone with both slots capable of running 4G but not together ie only one of the two sims can be on 4G, the other one will work on 2G.

“No network related problems till now, WiFi, BlueTooth, GPS, FM, USB 2.0,

No USB C and wifi ac support, VoLTE enabled”

It also provides Wifi 802.11  b/g/n, Bluetooth v4.1, A2DP, LE support, GPS with A-GPS, GLONASS, BDS, FM radio and Micro USB 2.0. A USB C type would have been better. What else I think should have been there is dual band wifi support ie WiFi 802.11 ac support.

I have never had any problem with any of the above features although I do some times feel that the signal reception is not at a par with my previous phone ( Lumia 540 ) but it has never been a problem. GPS is fast and 4G VoLTE works superb.

  • Processor, RAM, Storage, Graphics performance

Redmi 3S Prime comes with a Qualcomm MSM8937 Snapdragon 430 processor which has 8 cores with max clock speed on 4 of them being 1.4Ghz and for other 4 it is 1Ghz this arrangement allows this processor to handle tasks smartly and also enhances power efficiency. Its not the best processor nor is it a great one but it seems to get work done, no lags in UI, most games and apps work awesome, CPU intensive tasks like hashing encrypting etc are handled nicely. The biggest plus point of using this processor is nearly no-existent heating ie the phone (at least in my case) does not heat up very much even after playing Modern Combat 5 on it for 30 minutes along with using it as a hotspot simultaneously.

“Power Efficient processor, Enough (3GB) of RAM,

32GB Storage and  a hybrid SIM slot” 


It has 3GB of RAM on papers but we get around 2.7GB in reality and out of that if you are using MIUI you will generally have around 1.5GB of free RAM when phone is Idle. As of now i could not find any application that would return a “Insufficient Memory” error.

On the storage front it comes with a 32GB on paper space out of which we get around 23GB if we use MIUI. You can expand storage but by sacrificing a SIM, as it has a hybrid SIM slot.

  • Battery, Front and Rear Camera

Redmi 3S Prime has a 4100 mAh battery and still the phone isn’t very heavy (144 g ). Battery life is amazing. On an Average I start with around 70-80% battery in the morning (8:00AM) and at night (2:00) it comes down to around 25%. This includes around wifi hotspot being active for atleast 6 hours with JIO 4G data and VoLTE on all the time. 20-30 minutes of gaming, on phone browsing and google assistant use totaling around 2 hours, Random photos or videos and at least around 1 hour of music on full volume on rear speakers. As far as I think its pretty great performance.

“Battery Performance is amazing easily gets a day in case of heavy use,

1.5 days with medium use, 2 days with light use and 2.5 days with light use and

battery saver mode on.”

When I used it lightly ie 4G on all day but not using as hotspot, no gaming, very little browsing, Random chat message checks etc it took me around 2 Days to get the battery down to 2% from 98%. On an extremely light use with battery saver mode it took me around 2.5 days to take it to 10% level.

Thanks to Xiomi for providing propriety Fast charging, this massive battery takes around 2 hours for charging completely.

Front Camera

It has a 5 MP front camera with f/2.2 aperture and is capable of 1080p recording. It has face detection and beautify mode. Overall it is great for selfies in day well lit room but in low light the images are grainy and have noise.

Rear Camera 

It has a Rear camera with 13 MP f/2.0 aperture phase detection autofocus for faster focus and a LED flash. I like the rear cam more than the front one. It has more settings, modes and options. One of the things that i don’t like is the MIUI’s camera app, it does’t provide much control over fine settings of the cameras.

“A great Rear camera (13MP with PDAF) and an OK front camera (5MP)”

  • MIUI

MI User Interface or MIUI is a great but a heavy ROM, but this phone works great with it, nearly all the features are well polished and I did not see any bugs or glitches. The only problem is that it is big, resource consuming and not at all stock like. It has a lot of useful features like Dual Apps, Multiple users, Gesture screen shots etc. For common or even heavy everyday use it would be great.


FINAL VERDICT-: Go Buy It! it is great value for money and if you are a tech lover, want to experience  smooth, glitch free android then this phone is for you. If you want a stock OS then you can root it, and change ROM to Resurrection Remix. 


Towards a career in Cyber Security

Hello Everyone,

If you are here that means you are looking for something like “How to start career in Cyber Security?”.

Although the tips/resource given in this article can work for every one who is a noob in this line but it will be most effective if you are here looking for studying from basics and not for some tips about “how to hack FB, Gmail etc in minutes?”.

First of All what I write is what I do, So I guess you will come to know the result of what happens if you follow my blog, even before you follow it.

Who am I?

  • Indian Engineering College student (cliché), Wanted CSE but got ECE.
  • Internet Junkie, tech lover, tweaker, Windows 10 mobile Fan.
  • Somewhat “less” social.
  • Linux lover, CLI Fan although still a noob.
  • I have a “not good” Grade point and well as per my plans I don’t intend to go for any job in Electronics OR Communication.

So lets move!

If you are serious about a career in cyber security then you will have to put a lot of time and effort, it is not something that you can master with a one month course. If you are a student and can’t leave your current education then the best way to start preparation is by going through free courses available online, watching DEFCON, BlackHat etc videos in free time on you tube, you won’t understand much but as in my case these have worked in motivating myself as the new stuff always amazes me.

Start from Basics! You will find a million videos explaining how to use a particular tool for a particular hack but these will not teach the whole thing and how to think like a hacker, for that you need to know about the systems in question, how they work, how they communicate and their breaking points.

Here is how to start your CyberSec journey

  1. Start allotting time to it and remove distractions.
  2. Get on Twitter, you will find most of the famous CyberSec Professionals there, follow them and other Cyber Security related accounts.
  3. Look for twitter id’s of CyberSec Pro’s in DEFCON presentations on youtube etc and follow them.
  4. Set up an account on Github and if you don’t know how to code, start with youtube tutorials by “thenewboston” his tutorials are small and to the point or you can follow tutorials from “Darek Banas“, great tutorials but longer as these have more hands on exercises. If you want something more structured then go for Code school etc
  5. Get linux on your machine and if you are buying a new laptop don’t burn a hole in your parent’s or your own pocket, my laptop has a Pentium quad core 6th gen processor and 8GB RAM(Upgraded from 2GB) and a 256GB SSD. Even after running 4 VM’s (WinXP, Metasploitable, Backtrack and Kali Linux) OS’s on Virtual box my laptop works super fine and stays responsive. If you are going for a pentium cpu laptop do make sure it is Quad core, more cores preferred over higher clock speeds (atleast higher than 2.1GHZ).
  6. Learn about Linux from this tutorial by “thenewboston” and after that look for more.
  7. Practice and try to use Command Line Interface (CLI) only for all of your daily work (wherever possible).
  8. Once you get a hold on CLI and some programming language (personal recommendation Python, as it is easy and has plethora of applications, also there are a hell lot of pre-built function modules) move on and start learning a second language like php, javascript etc
  9. Along side learning new languages get yourself registered on Cybrary (THE BEST PLACE FOR FREE CYBER SECURITY CERTIFICATE TRAINING) and start the course for CompTIA+ and complete it.
  10. After CompTIA+ start this Free course from “SANS Cyber Aces online“.
  11. Now you have enough basic knowledge so join a worthy Cyber Security training  Course someplace around you, this is important as you will get plenty of time for clearing your doubts with instructors and also you will get better hands on practice.
  12. After this keep practicing and go for other higher level courses which also provide certification.

If you are going to enter a College and in a course not related to Computer science then here is the best possible time frame, assuming you found out about Cyber Security as a profession only now.

  • First Year

1) Semester 1 -: Follow Step 1,2,3 and 4.

2) Semester 2 -: Follow step 5,6 & 7 along with practicing programming

3) Summer breaks -: Learn some other language along with step 9

  • Second Year

1) Semester 3 -: Step 8 along with practicing previous language and working on CLI.

2) Semester 4 -: Step 10 and practicing programming.

3) Summer Breaks -: Step 11 along with Cybrary’s Cryptography Course.

  • Third Year

1) Semester 5 -: Learn some more programming languages. Contribute to Open source projects on Github, make and upload your own scripts and program sources. Look for Internships is all companies possible.

2) Semester 6-: Look through the courses you like in Cybrary and take up any number of courses but without over burdening yourself. Apply for Internships you have selected.

3) Summer Breaks -:  Go for Internships and give your best!

After all this, you will automatically find what to do next and if followed seriously you will ,by the end of your college degree end up with a bunch of valuable certifications and some experience on your side. A perfect combo for an Entry Level Job in Cyber Security Industry.


Monica Bellucci

Sometimes you come across people whom you did not see earlier but after seeing them you regret the part of your life you spent without knowing them!


In My case this stands true in case of Monica Bellucci, An Italian actress who recently became a bond girl that is featured in a James Bond Movie Spectre. But if you think that is the only reason she is famous than try googling her name and if you are into women i am sure your mouth will drop!


Leave her body aside! Just look at her face and you will see why I love her! Her eyes so deep, her cheek bones appear as if shouting “Come kiss Me”. One look at her body and you know why all her movies despite having a less than average story were such a hit!


I first saw her in her movie “Malena” an Italian movie and must watch if you are new to Monica Bellucci fan club! You will surely love it! Since that movie i have hunted down all her movies and guess what She was in the Matrix Reloaded! No kidding! Remember that hot Persephone, that girl in red outfit! Yes it was her!

But I have a little list for you! Yes you are right the list of all her Movies till now! Italian, English doesn’t really matter, there is Monica for entertainment and for all other things there are subtitles!

  1. Malena
  2. Irreversible
  3. Spectre
  4. Shoot em Up
  5. The Matrix Reloaded
  6. The Tears of Sun
  7. How Much Do You Love Me?
  8. The Apartment
  9. Under Suspicion
  10. The Brothers Grimm
  11. Bram Stoker’s Dracula
  12. Brotherhood of the Wolf
  13. Asterix and Obelix
  14. The Sorcerer’s apprentice
  15. The Matrix Revolutions
  16. The Passion Of the Christ
  17. Wild Blood
  18. The whistle blower
  19. Don’t Look Back
  20. The Ages of Love
  21.  A Burning Hot Summer
  22. The Private Lives of Pippa Lee
  23. Frank Spadone
  24. She Hate me
  25. Remember Me, My Love
  26. On The Milky Road
  27. The Raffle
  28. Rhino Season
  29. Dobermann
  30. The Stone Council
  31. Secret Agents
  32. Vita Coi Figli
  33. Sheitan
  34. Kaputt Mundi
  35. Baaria
  36. Napoleon and Me
  37. Manuale D’amore 2
  38. Like A fish Out Of Water
  39. The Wonders
  40. Ville Marie
  41. Heartango
  42. Rose C’est Paris
  43. It Happened in St. Tropez
  44. As you Want Me
  45. Those Who Love
  46. Le Deuxieme Souffle
  47. Homage To Rome
  48. The Man Who Loves
  49. Joseph
  50. Snow Ball

These are Monica Bellucci’s movies, If you know about any others please let me know in the comments!

Keep Loving Monica Bellucci……

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No it’s neither my cat’s name nor my friend’s name. It is the name of a great movie, you might have seen it!

I came to know about it some time ago and the title really did not excite me, i did a mistake of judging a book by its cover, and so i did not try to watch it. One night after exams i was feeling bored and my room mate gave me “Lucy” for  watching and because i had nothing else to do i started watching it!

All i can say is that i should have watched it earlier, it is a great movie an extremely deep one. It forced me to think about brain utilization and how can i achieve higher brain utilization myself. I don’t know if the predicted outcomes are true or not but the combination is really great one and the story line is compelling.

If you haven’t seen it, i would suggest please do it is a must!